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Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair Review – Kernel for Outlook PST Repair, as per Kernel Data Recovery information, is designed and developed to fix Outlook corruption issues in a quicker way, without going through complex procedures. It works on corrupt Outlook PST files of Outlook 97 and later versions, to recover its inaccessible mailbox items. It, as per the company claims, recovers PST items after 2 GB limitation issues, password-protections, item deletions, and PST corruption issues due to damaged head-structures, broken PST files, virus attacks etc.

Preview-of-Recovered-Items-in-Kernel-for-Outlook-PST-Repair Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

Preview of Recovered Items in Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

Product Information

  • NameKernel for Outlook PST Repair
  • Developed by : Kernel Data Recovery
  • OSMS Windows
  • Targeted users MS Outlook users with inaccessibility issues
  • Meant for : Repairing Outlook PST fie and recovering its items
  • Versions available : Demo Version and Licensed Version

Features and Facilities in Kernel for Outlook PST Repair

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair comes with pretty decent list of features that are quite useful. We are summarizing and analyzing the features and facilities seen in Kernel for Outlook PST Repair.

  • Directly browse the corrupt PST file or search for it
    For the selection of PST file, this tool offers two options—if the location is known, the user can browse it directly; otherwise he can search for it in a drive or folder.
  • Preview the recovered items
    The software offers the preview of the recovered items. One can navigate through different folders in the Folders List to preview the items in various folders. Deleted items are highlighted in red.
  • Filter the recovered items by date range
    While saving, one can include or exclude items in a particular date range using its date-wise filtering feature.
  • Save in multiple formats in the desired location
    It offers multiple saving options – Save in Outlook (PST or MSG format) or Save in Outlook Express (DBX or EML format).
  • Split Outlook PST files by size while saving
    While saving in PST, the software can split the Output PST file if its size is beyond the limit specified by the user.
  • Add a prefix to the file name before saving
    While saving in PST, the user can choose to add a prefix to store name. This name will be visible in MS Outlook.
  • Option to exclude all the deleted items while saving
    Using this option, the user can opt to exclude all the deleted items from saving.

Analysis based on on-site performance

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair works beautifully on real-life situations of Outlook PST corruption and inaccessibility issues. Its working in different phases of the use is reviewed below:


It is very easy to download and install the software. However, it is essential is to check the basic requirements.

Outlook Recovery

Kernel for Outlook PST Repair presents a well-designed user- interface. Every step can be performed just by reading the descriptions on the screen. Also, it carries a good help document with it. The recovery process is very quick too: It completes in a few mouse-clicks.


The preview facility of the software is very comprehensive. The user can check even the minute details without much effort. Display of deleted items in red makes them easily identifiable.

Filtering and Saving Options

Many options are available in this part:

  1. Date wise filtering – to include or exclude emails in a date range
  2. Multiple formats – to save in Outlook (PST or MSG) or Outlook Express (DBX or EML)
  3. Save in the desired location
  4. Advanced options for PST saving – to split Outlook PST file, to rename it with a prefix
  5. Exclude deleted items while saving

Software and OS Support

In the matter of software and OS support also, this software is excellent. It supports:

  • MS Outlook – all Outlook versions from Outlook 97 onwards.
  • OS – all popular versions of Windows and Windows Server


With all these advanced features of Kernel for Outlook PST Repair, the user has great control over the Outlook recovery process. He can choose the items he wants to recover, and he can save them in the desired format in the desired location. This control over the recovery is the most splendid thing about this software.

Final Words – Why should you choose Kernel for Outlook PST Repair?

As per our view, it is a value for money tool with extremely simple email recovery procedure. It performs as per expectations in situations of almost all PST issues. Also, it supports all popular versions of MS Outlook.

Before opting, just work on the trial version of the software to make yourself familiar with the product. Also, the trial will help you assess the effectiveness of the product in solving your issues.

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