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Samsung M2022W

Samsung M2022W Review – Samsung M2022W is a cheap, small, laser printer that prints in black and white only. As you might expect for a printer at this price, it is pretty basic. The paper input tray is uncovered – which means dust can get in and there is no automatic duplex printing. Wifi and NFC are built-in for wireless printing, though not all mobile devices support NFC – Iphones do not, for example.

Samsung M2022W, A cheap mono laser printer with a few tricks up its sleeve

Samsung-M2022W Samsung M2022W

Samsung M2022W

NFC works in a very simple way. Tapping your phone against the printer creates a direct Wi-Fi link between the two devices, bypassing your Wi-Fi network entirely. At home, when both are likely to already be on the same wireless network, this is not really of much benefit, but it could be useful in a small office if visitors want to print something and you would rather they did not use your wi-fi network. If you would rather just use your wi-fi network instead, you will need to connect the printer to a computer via USB to set it up before you use it for the first time.

Performance is surprisingly good for a minimum budget printer. In our tests, it reached 19 pages per minute (ppm) when printing text, almost matching Samsung’s claimed speed of 20 ppm. It was slower when producing graphics, though, at 13 ppm, but this is still very respectable.

We expect excellent text quality from a laser printer, and the M2022W did not disappoint – character were deep black with razor-sharp edges. Graphic looked good, too, with accurate shading and they were free from flaws such as banding.

The M2022W uses a single catridge that prints 1.000 pages at a cost of $48. This gives a very high cost per page of 3.5p, which takes the shine off an otherwise impressive budget printer.

Samsung M2022W Specifications

  • 1200 x 1200 dpi maximum print resolution
  • 20 ppm mono quoted speed
  • USB
  • 802.11b/g/n
  • NFC
  • Price $83

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