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Learn Android Programming From Scratch

As a beginner android programmer, you will face a steep learning curve. It’s normal because to Learn Android Programming From Scratch is like learning to live in a foreign city. Even you speak the language, it will not feel like home at first. Everyone around seems understand things that you don’t know. Things that you already knew that it’s a dead end in this new context.

Learn-Android-Programming-300x226 Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Learn Android Programming

Like a foreign city, Android has a culture. That culture speaks Java. But knowing Java alone isn’t enough. Gather all ideas and techniques that you can learn. It helps you a lot through unfamiliar territory. To be an Android Programmer, you must :

  • Write Android Application (Own made android application)
  • Understand what you’re writing

This article will show you first step on how to Learn Android Programming From Scratch.

Having Code Style to Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Every android programmer have their own code style. That’s why you will see many difference of source code that have same output. There are 3 point of our code style that you might see different than elsewhere.

  • Using Anonym Inner Classes for Listerners, This is just a matter of opinion. In high performance context, anonym inner classes may cause problems, but for most cases they work fine.
  • Using Fragments For Handling All User Interfaces, Many Android Programmers still write activity-based code. Both have own benefits. Fragments have clear advantages over activities because they are easy to work with. They have flexibilities in building and presenting your user interfaces.
  • Writing Apps That Compatible With Gingerbread and Froyo Devices, The Android platform has changed with the latest version like Ice Cream Sandwich, Jelly Bean and soon Key Lime Pie. However, many people still using Froyo or Gingerbread.

Necessary Tools For Creating Android Program.

To get started, You may need Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle. Which Includes :

  • Eclipse, an Integrated Development Enviroment (IDE) used for Android development. because Eclipse is also written using Java. You can use it on most platform like PC, Mac, or Linux
  • Android Developer Tools, a plugin for Eclipse
  • Android SDK, latest version of Software Development Kit
  • Android Emulator or Device, To test your android program

Android Developer Tools (ADT) Bundle is available from android’s developer site. If you are using windows, You may need Java Development Kit 6 (JDK 6), which you can get from Oracle.

Java-ADT-GUI-Interface Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Java ADT Interface

Make Your Own First Android Application

In this section, you are going to create android application called SpyQuiz.

Creating an Android Project

Your SpyQuiz application will consist of a layout and an activity. The first step is to create an Android Project. It contains the files that make up an application. To create a new project, first open Eclipse. Choose File > New > Android Application Project to open the new application wizard. Fill all the dialog like image below.

Creating-new-Android-Application Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Creating A New Project

Notice that SpyQuiz (Package Name) you entered uses a “reverse DNS” convention. This convention keeps package names unique and distinguishes applications from each other. In second dialog, uncheck create custom launcher icon. Make sure Create Activity box checked.

Creating-new-android-application-2 Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Creating A New Project Step 2

Then click next. After that, choose Blank Activity and configure new activity. then click finish. Eclipse will create and open your new project.

Creating-New-Android-Application-3-300x238 Learn Android Programming From Scratch

Configuring Activity

That’s it… Now you have created your first android programming project. To make this program working. You have to create it’s functional source code depends on what will that android program do and compile it.



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