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How To Secure Wireless Computer

How-to-Secure-Wireless-Computer How To Secure Wireless ComputerThis whole article will be focused on How to secure wireless computer from wireless network hack. Securing all your wireless computer can be a quite hard, it need much effort and spend a lot of money depends on security level. At a minimum, you can do these things to countermeasure wireless hacking.

How to secure wireless computer step by step

You can take these steps to prevent wireless hack on your computer. These steps are :

First, Secure Your Operating System

You can find a ton of footprints and resources to do this including :

Also check for another good eBook around the Internet. They got a lot of precious information. especially, which you can find it on the Internet.

Second, Prevent Null Sessions Vulnerabilities

To do these steps, you can

  • Upgrade your operating system to XP and Server 2003 (For Windows Platform)
  • Block NetBios by blocking specific ports (139 and 445) from passing through firewall
  • Create a new DWORD registry key in HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\LSA called Restrict-Anonymous=1 (Only For Windows NT and 2000 Systems)
  • Setting Do Not Allow of SAM Accounts and Shares in group policy
  • Setting No Access without Explicit Anonymous Permissions in group policy

Third, Install Your Computer a Personal Firewall Software

There are many personal firewall tools out there, Go grab one.

Fourth, Disable Unnecessary Services and Protocol

By turning off some unnecessary Services and protocol, Not only you can greatly reduce exploit risk, but also it’s improving system performance. You can access Services windows by typing service.msc at run command.

Fifth, Upgrade Your Access Point and Wireless NICs Firmware

You can upgrade your AP firmware through HTTP or TFTP. Find your latest firmware and apply it to your Access Point.

Sixth, Use Strong User Password

This step maybe simple but it’s effective. It’s crucial to defend against brute force attack or dictionary attack. A strong password have at least 15 characters in length and use a combination of Upper/Lower Case letters, Symbols, and Numbers.

That’s it !! Now you’re done securing your wireless computer. Remember, These ” How to Secure Wireless Computer ” Steps are just strengthening your defense against wireless hacks. There are many Vulnerabilities in network systems can be a potential way to breach your security.


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