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SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer

SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer Review – The SeeMeCNC Orion Delta shows us a bold new format for 3D printers, but does its unusual engineering make for better results? While most consumer 3D printers move a bit like inkjet printers with another dimension added, the SeeMeCNC Orion Delta has the extruder head (the bit that squirts out the plastic) suspended from three arms – a system used by packing robots on production lines.

SeeMeCNC-Orion-Delta-3D-Printer-180x300 SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer

SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer

It may not look quite as slick as the later Makerbots but the build quality is reassuringly solid. The plastic filament feeding system is outside, leaving the extruder head nice and light so it moves quickly.

You’ll spend around half an hour installing the mains cable and front-mounted display. Once set up and levelled it needs very little tweaking – ours pumped out a perfect print first time.

Printing can be done from an SD card as well as from a PC or Mac via USB. It doesn’t come with proprietary software, so use the free Repetier Host application. From here you can control every fine detail, but it requires quite a bit of tinkering. If you’re a beginner it’s a steep learning curve.

You can print in either PLA or ABS. We found that PLA stuck beautifully to the glass build platform, but ABS required a glue stick to keep the layers firmly planted. Experimenting with different thicknesses can be the key to a solid base. Once stuck, the heated bed warded off any warping issues . Ordering off the menu The system takes a bit of getting used to with its single jog knob and button combo, but once you’ve found your way around it’s quick to navigate and has a wealth of information and settings to tweak. Tidy work The prints themselves were impressively neat, with ABS showing off the Orion Delta’s 50-micron accuracy. The occasional blocked nozzle aside, it performed extremely reliably.

SeeMeCNC Orion Delta 3D Printer Specifications

  • Max print dimensions 152x228mm (cylindrical)
  • Layer height 50-400 microns
  • Maximum print speed 150mm/s
  • Dimensions 41x68cm
  • Weight 9kg
  • Price £1320 / robosavvy.com

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