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Change Android Screen’s Colour Temprature

Change-Android-Screens-Colour-Temprature-2 Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Every smartphone’s screen is different. Some have AMOLED displays with deep contrast and strongly saturated colours; others LCD displays with realistic colours and washed-out blacks. You don’t need to settle for what you get out of the box, however. Some manufacturers give you options within their software for changing how the screen displays colour. And by flashing a custom kernel you can change the colour temperature of your screen. In this tutorial we will be using the full, paid-for version of the franco.Kernel updater. You’ll need a rooted phone before you begin. Here are the steps how to change android screen’s colour temprature and how you can make your screen brighter and more vibrant.

1.Flash the kernel

Change-Android-Screens-Colour-Temprature Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 1

Begin by flashing the new kernel. Open the franco.Kernel Updater app, go to Backup/Restore and tap Backup. It won’t take long to back up your kernel. Save it as stock. Now go to FK Updater and tap Latest available version, followed by Auto-flash.

2.Find colour profiles

Find-colour-profiles-android Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 2

Your phone will reboot.When done reopen the Franco app and locate the Color Control panel. Here you will be able to test out profiles from other users or create your own. Tap Save a new colour profile to back up your original one.

3.Load a profile Now hit Load a colour profile.

Load-a-profile Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 3

You’ll see a long list. Most have obscure names and there’s no way to preview them, so tap one, followed by Apply and then hit the home button on your phone to see the effect. If you don’t like it try another.

4.Create your own

Create-your-own-profile Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 4

If you want to create or tweak your own, slide over to the Gamma tab. It’s not for the faint hearted, but you can remove a yellow or blue tint from your display quite easily, as well as adjust the brightness of the whites.

5.Save your settings

Save-your-setting Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 5

Your own gamma adjustments are not applied in real time. Once tweaked you need to save your new profile back in the Utils tab, then apply that profile as in step 3. Again, exit the app to get a picture of what changes have been made.

6.Apply the changes

Apply-the-colour-temprature-changes Change Android Screen's Colour Temprature

Step 6

Finally if you’re happy with your choice of new colour profile you should tap the Save colors on boot option to ensure that your settings are applied the next time you boot. If you don’t like it, restore your backup or refl ash your stock kernel.

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