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Turn gloves into heat conducting

Think of this, there is a sharp chill in the air, and as you adjust your jacket and go deeper into it, you see the perfect snowy scene in front of you. You reach for your cellphone, hurrying as much as you can. But the fleeting moment in front of you passes. And why so ? Because your wool clad warm hands could not touch your screen in the cold.

Why This Happens

Many touchscreens have what is known as a capacitive touchscreen. If any conductor of electricity comes near the screen, it will be sense it. Since skin is a good conductor, we are able to ‘touch’ these screens. Gloves on the other hand, are not so good. But never fear, a solution is here—all you need is a functional knowledge of stitching, your old gloves and metallic thread.

How to Turn Your Regular Woollen Gloves Into Heat Conducting Ones!

Don’t forget to go to the screen options menu and increase the sensitivity of your touchscreen.

The Materials You Need

Glove-heat-conducting Turn gloves into heat conductingGloves. You will need a needle and metallic thread, which is available for Rs. 10 in craft shops. This thread is not hard as wire and will not scratch your screen.

A Stitch in Time

Glove-heat-conducting-2 Turn gloves into heat conducting

Turn your gloves inside out and make little stitches at the finger tips. You could make them on as many fingers as you like, such as your thumb as well.

…Et Voila!

Glove-heat-conducting Turn gloves into heat conducting

There you have it! You will now be able to use your gloves to operate the screen to shoot, edit, post images as you wish.

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